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WordPress Visual Editor
When you're finished with a page click the blue "Next Unit" button to continue. Complete in consecutive order for the best success. To test and try the learning modules CLICK [+ NEW] in the black bar at the top.
Module 1 WordPress Visual Editor
Learn about the visual editor and where to edit a page, to add media (images)
Unit 1 Where is the editor found?
Unit 2 Video - Where is the Visual Editor
Unit 3 What is the WordPress Visual Editor?
Unit 4 Tool Bar
Unit 5 The Editor Toolbar
Unit 6 Editing Area
Unit 7 Writing
Unit 8 The ENTER key
Unit 9 Text Formatting
Unit 10 Text Alignment
Unit 11 Paragraph (Block) Format
Unit 12 Fonts
Unit 13 Font Size
Unit 14 Font Colors
Unit 15 Creating Lists
Unit 16 Creating Bulleted Lists
Unit 17 Links
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